SCA Has Successful Year for Christmas Angels


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christmas gift at home

Caitlyn Haynes and Nash Gilbert

During this time of year the Christmas spirit is in the air. People shopping for gifts, families coming together, Christmas music plays on every radio station, and more. It is a great time of the year, but not everyone gets to experience the magic of Christmas. There are a lot of children that don’t get to have Christmas like so many other children do. That is why SCA does Christmas Angels every year. Christmas Angels is when SCA gets children in the Athens City School system who are in need and give them a Christmas they deserve to experience. 

“I felt a sense of compassion and joy for those kids because I know without us taking the time out to shop for their Christmas gifts, they probably would not receive any presents,” senior Faith Young said. 

This is also a great experience for the SCA officers, class officers and delegates who get to help in this process. These SCA members got to meet on Sunday, Dec. 5 to shop for, and wrap the Christmas Angels presents. Along with SCA members, students and outside donors were able to help donate as well. Outside donors made anonymous donations while students were able to raise money by school programs like “Kidnap a Class” and direct donations in their connect classes. 

“To be on the end of helping raise, buy and wrap for these kids felt like an honor and was really fun!” freshman Bailey Higgins said.

While this year’s Christmas Angels turned out great, SCA has many hopes for next year. They want to raise even more money, so they have a bigger budget. This would allow them to sponsor even more children in the city of Athens. 

“That we can maintain the numbers we have now and grow it,” SCA sponsor Mrs. Nicole Taylor said. “Our goal is to add one more Christmas Angel every year. We do this because there are so many children in need.”