National Honors Society Prepares For Newest Inductees

Ashari Benford, Reporter

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes students for their academic achievements. Students who meet the membership requirements can join the society to gain leadership and service experience. NHS has awarded $2 million in scholarships each year. Mrs. Erica Thompson is the sponsor of the NHS. Senior Christina Jones is the president of the organization.

“In order to be in the NHS you have to maintain a certain GPA and participate in community service. I feel like these requirements are training me to have discipline and be an involved member of my community,” Jones said.

To become a member of this organization, students first had to fill out an application and then get accepted into the society. The deadline for applications was on Sept. 30. The induction for new chapter members will be held later on in October. The date will be announced closer to time. 

The National Honor Society is involved in volunteer activities that help citizens of the local area. Whether it’s food drives or simply just cleaning up an area, members get the opportunity to help out. 

“I have been in the NHS since the beginning of junior year (you can only get invited junior and senior year), and my favorite thing is getting to help out the community by doing activities such as, bringing food for full tummy, mum loading, as well as Christmas angels!” senior Molly Alexander said.

Members of this organization must take it seriously, however, since it can be a challenge to be strict on themselves to meet membership requirements. The NHS teaches members how to do well academically while also being involved in contributing to the city.

“I would say the only real difficulty is making sure that you uphold the standards that the NHS embodies as well as keeping adequate grades,” senior Claire Lawrence said. “Balancing both community service and school can be difficult, but it also teaches you how to have a work-life balance – a valuable lesson to start now before we enter the real world. The National Honor Society has taught me to put service above self and ask not what my school can do for me, but what I can do for the school.”