eLearning and Standardized Testing Disrupt the School Week

Brienna Dodds, Reporter

On Wednesday Oct. 5, seniors went into school to take the WorkKeys, and sophomores went in to take the pre-ACT, while freshmen and juniors had an e-Learning day. Both standardized tests allow students to show teachers what they can do and what they have learned, making them very important. Therefore, students must go into the test with a good headspace. 

“I am going to prepare for the test by getting a good night’s sleep the night before and reassuring myself I will do great,” sophomore Annie Lovvorn said. 

While the seniors and sophomores were testing, freshmen and juniors had an e-Learning day, so they would not disrupt testing and since so much of the faculty and staff are needed to assist with so many students testing. e-Learning days are much different from in-person school, and the efficacy differs from person to person. Students may choose where, when, and how they complete their online assignments. Many students agree that they prefer in-school learning, but they definitely don’t mind not coming to school on e-Learning days. 

“I feel like I learn better in in-person school because it is way more engaging, and I am more motivated to do my work,” junior Mia Brantly said. “I do like to have an occasional e-learning day for a change in scenery.”