“Active Minds” Taking Action


Keinaeja Gardner and Lilly Weeks

This school year, students have finally gotten back into the hang of things after COVID-19. One such way is through a new club called “Active Minds,” which was started by Mrs. Casey Walker, a ninth grade English teacher. Active Minds is incredibly important for students who need a friend to talk to about their mental health.

“Promoting emotional learning is something that I’m very passionate about,” Mrs. Walker said.

Over the years, there have been many jokes or insulting stereotypes about mental health. When asked how this club will benefit students, senior Hannah Turner had a very thoughtful and honest response.

“I think it will promote and destigmatize mental health in Athens High School since it’s not something that’s talked about very much,” Turner said.

Additionally, Active Minds is having an upcoming “Miles for the Minds” fun run on Oct. 29 from 10 a.m.- noon at the Athens Elementary School track. This fun run will be a way to raise money for mental health education for AHS students. It will also be an opportunity to be outdoors and spend time with a positive community as a way to boost mental health. The fun run will have three options for winning a prize: best costume, most creative finish, and fastest time. Tickets cost $10, and people who want to participate should get in contact with Mrs. Walker, Ms. Paige Hicks, the Rho Kappa sponsor and social studies teacher or a member of Active Minds.

“This was something especially coming out of the pandemic where a lot of students were either struggling with mental health or knew that mental health could be a topic that they’re passionate about,” Mrs. Walker said.