Library Coffee Shop Reopens

Get Some Coffee Starbooks has reopened.


Josue Lovos

Third block library aides whip up drinks at the coffee bar in the media center.

Starbooks was originally opened to raise money for the library/media center; however, the last time Starbooks was open in the library was right before the shut down due to COVID 19.

“Starbooks was closed  based on the health and safety information we had about the spread of COVID 19 at the time,” the Library Specialist Ms. Jennifer McCain said.

Starbooks reopened when the number of COVID 19 infections decreased. The reopening of Starbooks also brought new payment options; the coffee bar now accepts debit/credit cards along with cash. Unfortunately, however, prices have increased due to inflation.

“Any profits we make go into the AHS library fund, which is used to help purchase library materials,” Ms. McCain said.

The menu was expanded with many options. The menu is composed of a variety of hot and cold drinks that are often available in other coffee shops. Starbooks currently offers coffee-based drinks, hot teas and hot chocolate.

Along with Ms. McCain, juniors and seniors approved for being library aides come in during their designated blocks to help make the coffee.

“I am excited about Starbooks reopening because it means more students are visiting the library and checking out books!” Ms. McCain said.