SCA Recognizes Eagle Elite


Abby Weaver, Reporter

According to SCA sponsor Mrs. Nicole Taylor, the Eagle Elite is an award meant to recognize students who “exemplify what it means to be a golden eagle.” 

Teachers nominate those who they believe deserve recognition. All the students who are nominated are leaders by example and aren’t afraid to make a difference.

It’s important that we recognize these individuals because it lets them “know that their actions don’t go unseen,” Mrs. Taylor said. 

These students are chosen because they do the right thing regardless of if someone is watching and are willing to go the extra mile in their work.

So far, the Eagle Elite for this year:


  • Freshman Nash Gilbert
  • Sophomore Grace Newby
  • Junior Molly Alexander
  • Senior Ken Pablo


  • Freshman Bailey Higgins
  • Sophomore Gage Coker
  • Junior Shalyn Croone
  • Senior Matthew Martin