Red Ribbon Week Recap


Chloe Malone, Reporter

From Monday, Oct. 25 to Friday, Oct. 29, the SADD club hosted Red Ribbon Week. 

Students were allowed to pledge to be drug-free from Monday through Friday. 103 Students pledged to be drug free. Winners were chosen for each grade level to receive a prize if they pledged to be drug-free. The following students won Red Ribbon Week drawings: freshmen Emily Bridgeforth and Jocelyn Vicente, sophomores Katy Raby and Emma Cox, juniors Esmeralda Lagunas and Lilla Chandler and seniors Cassandre Dodd and Brynn South. 

Each day students teamed up to show their dedication to fight against drug use. For instance, students had the opportunity to dress up throughout the week to show solidarity. 

The Red Ribbon Week dress up days were as follows:

Monday: Let’s team up against drugs: wear jerseys 

Tuesday: Drugs are old school: wear vintage or decade attire 

Wednesday: Wear red

Thursday: We’re too bright for drugs: wear neon or tie dye

Friday: Be a hero. Don’t do drugs: dress like a super hero